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Public Transportation

11 niðurstöður


Sundstræti 39, 400 Ísafjörður

We do our best to make good offers on tours  for 1-52 passengers in the Westfjords, experienced company in every aspect of travelling the Westfjords.

Strætisvagnar Ísafjarðar

Sindragata 15, 400 Ísafjörður

Public transport within the municipality of Ísafjörður:



Please see the schedule here .

Sýsli Travel

Skarðshlíð 11j, 603 Akureyri

We are a small tour operating and driving instructing company. We operate in the North of Iceland, and our base is in Akureyri, the capital of the north. We offer scheduled sightseeing tours as well as customized tours and trips.

We also operate the Akureyri Airport Bus and Taxi service in Akureyri.

Our goal is to offer you an excellent and personal service. We want you to feel like our guests when you visit our beautiful country; therefore, we have small groups. The maximum size of the group you will travel in is nineteen passengers. That way, our guides will have time to answer your questions.

Akureyri Airport Bus by Sýsli Travel

Skarðshlíð 11, 603 Akureyri

The Akureyri Airport Bus runs in connection with all flights to and from Akureyri Airport if the bus has been booked.

It connects the airport and the town.

Strætisvagnar Akureyrar

Strandgata 6, 600 Akureyri

The busses (Strætó) in Akureyri are free of charge. The buses leave from Nætursalan in down town Akureyri.


Hestháls 14, 110 Reykjavík

Stræto , offer public bus service in Reykjavik city. The company offer as well service to South, West and North of Iceland. Bus schedules, timetables and bus routes are available at the following web site: 
Tickets: Tickets and season tickets can be bought at Hlemmur, Lækjartorg, Mjódd, Reykjavik City Hall, Fjörður in Hafnarfjörður and at the service desks at Kringlan and Smaralind shopping centers. 
The Green-, Red- and School cards are season tickets, with initial and final dates. The tickets take effect on a specified initial date and expire on a specified final date. The Green Card is valid for a month and the Red Card is valid for three months. The start date can be any day. One day tickets, three day tickets and nine month tickets are also available. 
The Reykjavik Welcome Card: Allows unlimited travel on the Reykjavik buses (Stræto bs.), free access to many museums and thermal pools in Reykjavik. 
Transfer tickets: Those who pay with money or tickets can obtain a transfer ticket for transfer. The transfer ticket is valid for 75 minutes after issue and must be shown to the driver. It is important that one asks for the transfer ticket at the same time as you pay the fare. Please notice, bus drivers do not exchange money. 
For further information, please view the web site or contact by phone: 540 2700.

For the Strætó app, please click here.

Westfjords Adventures

Þórsgata 8a, 450 Patreksfjörður

Westfjords Adventures offers various travel services and leisure activities in the scenic, spectacular and picturesque Southern Westfjords (planned to be Iceland’s next natural park for its astonishing natural beauty).


We offer guided bus tours to the majestic Látrabjarg Cliff, Rauðasandur Beach, Dynjandi Waterfall and other scenic places. As well we offer super jeep tours in the area including one of the most thrilling off-road trail in Iceland, guided hiking and walking tours, scenic boat trips and bird- and seal- watching in the nearby fjords. We also rent mountain bikes and cars for the travelers who like to enjoy the moment on their own.


We tailor our services to the interests of different travelers, nature lovers, photographers, birdwatchers, wildlife spectators, hikers, bikers, adrenaline kickers, sea anglers, seal watchers and those seeking to inhale the tranquility of unspoiled nature. 


The tour can start in Patreksfjörður, where we are based, or in Keflavík International airport and Reykjavík Domestic airport (or any other place in Iceland). In Patreksfjörður we offer all kinds of accommodation as well as other travel services.


Don’t forget to check out our summer bus schedule between Patreksfjörður – Brjánslækur and Ísafjörður!!


Public transport

-, 101 Reykjavík

To find detailed information on public transport in Iceland (by bus, by ferry, or by plane) please visit

Other helpful websites include:

Bus: Strætó: Click here  



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  • Sæfari (Dalvík-Hrísey, Dalvík-Grímsey):Click here
  • Sævar (Árskógssandur-Hrísey): Click here 

 The regional information websites also offer good tips on traveling and public transport: 

Reykjavík: Click here 

Reykjanes:  Click here  

West Iceland: Click here   

Westfjords: Click here  

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BSÍ Bus Terminal, 104 Reykjavík
The Flybus is a safe and efficient way to get you to and from KEF Airport. Flybus services all arriving and departing flights. If your flight gets delayed, the flybus will wait! Free Wi-Fi and USB charger ports are on board the buses. We recommend that you book a ticket online at but you can also pay on spot. Our service center is right outside where you exit with your bags and our coaches are right outside the terminal building, waiting to take you either to our downtown terminal or all the way to your accommodation or bus stop.

Sæmundur Sigmundsson Coach Rental

Brákarbraut 20, 310 Borgarnes

Please contact for tours and booking information.

Public transport information

-, 101 Reykjavík

In Iceland you can travel within the country with buses, ferries and domestic flights. This webpage is to inform about the options you have with public transport in Iceland. Some of the service providers are private, others are run by the municipalities and some are state driven. With this “tube map” we inform about scheduled services provided by more than 30 operators. This homepage is a not-for-profit service but still we want to be sustainable by offering users to buy tours from our page via TourDesk. See detailed map with list of operators: on: