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Crafts & Design

76 niðurstöður


Austurvegur 9, 800 Selfoss

The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum

Svalbarðsströnd, 606 Akureyri

The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum collects artworks by artists who have hitherto been seen as outside the cultural mainstream, often also called naïve or brut – artists who have a real and direct connection to an original creative spirit; true, unspoiled and free. The core collection consists today of about 140,000 artworks and sketches by over 300 artists, dating from the mid-19th century to the present.

The Museum is located in North Iceland, on the eastern side of Eyjafjörður, just about 10 minutes’ drive from the town of Akureyri. 

10 to 12 new exhibitions every year. Appartment to rent

Opening hours: 10.oo - 17oo from first Saturday in May until second Sunday in September.
Phone 461-4066

Kristinsson handmade

Stamphólsvegur 4, 240 Grindavík

For many years Kristinsson has given homes charm with his high-quality interior and furniture made of unadulterated wood straight from nature. His store and workshop are housed in a beautiful old fashion house that Kristinsson built himself, located in the heart of Grindavík at Stamphólsvegur 1. 

How about getting something pretty in your home that always reminds you of Iceland?

Móra guesthouse

Skálholt, Krossholti Barðaströnd, 451 Patreksfjörður

Products available: Smoked lamb.

Please contact for further information.


Eyravegur 17, 800 Selfoss

On June 1, 2010, twelve women from South–Iceland joined together and founded this handcraft- organization. Today the group consists of 8 women and we produce all our products under the name of each woman, and all our products are handmade.  

Opening hours all year round:
Tue. - Fri  13:00-18:00
Sat. 11:00-15:00
Sun. Closed

Find us on Facebook here.

Víkurprjón - Icewear Icelandic wool

Austurvegi 20, 870 Vík

Shop for a unique selection of Icelandic wool sweaters and other products made of Icelandic wool such as Icelandic wool blankets. Whether shopping for gifts to take home, Icelandic souvenirs, or clo thing to keep you warm during your travels you'll find what you need at a great price. This big market offers a wide selection of woollen products, traditional Icelandic sweaters, souvenirs and outdoor clothing. 

Icewear offers quality items, designed and weather tested in Iceland, to keep you warm and comfortable. 

Be warm, be well 

Brúnir - Horse, Home food and Art

Brúnir, 605 Akureyri

Brúnir Horse organises professional shows where the Icelandic horse is introduced in its natural environment and its history and unique qualities are brought to life with emphasis on the horse‘s multiple skills and diversity.

Our guests can enjoy local cuisine on the premises, made primarily with fresh ingredients from our region. Brúnir Horse also houses a studio and an art gallery where guests can view the farmer‘s artwork that is on show and for sale.

The art gallery also hosts other local artists‘ exhibitions from time to time.

For opening hours, please see

Find us by GPS: N65° 34' 0.392" W18° 3' 51.597"

Gallerý Gimli

Hafnargata 1, 825 Stokkseyri

We are 7 people in this group. We are selling handmade local product such as wool sweaters, mittens, caps, socks, jewellery, ceramics, and lots and lots of other beautiful handmade things. All our product is made with love and we offer good price and friendly admosphere.

Handverkshópurinn Bolli - Icelandic Craft

Vesturbraut 12, 370 Búðardalur

Local handicrafts. Products from wool, hand carved wood, bone crafts, ceramics and much more.

During summer open daily from 11:00 to 17:00. Other times open on request.

Duus Handverk (handmade)

Grófin 2-4 (Duusgata), 230 Reykjanesbær

Duus Handverk is a little store of handmade gift products of wool, glass, and more beautiful things from a group of 20 local artists. A better selection is hard to find anywhere else in Iceland but in Duus Handverk.

Take a walk by the small boat pier in Keflavík, Duusgata 12 Keflavík, where you can find something at a reasonable price for yourself or as a unique gift from Iceland.

Duus Handverk will welcome you with coffee, a copy atmosphere, and love of colors.

Greta María - fine jewelry / Smiðjur

Aðalgata 20, 340 Stykkishólmur

Nýp at Skarðsströnd

Skarðsströnd, 371 Búðardalur

Welcome to Guesthouse Nýp! B&B, twin or double, full bedding.

Our guesthouse is off the beaten track with fantastic scenery across the Breiðafjörður bay and a view to the Vestfjords. Two guest rooms with shared bathroom facilities plus three rooms, each with a private bathroom. All rooms include chosen books and original art. Breakfast available with home baked bread, jam of wild berries and vegetables from our own gardens. Recently we opened new guest rooms and an exhibition space in the former cowshed, attached to the house. The refurbishment is designed by Studio Bua Architects. The first exhibition displays drawings, photos and models concerning the new design. As souvenirs for our guests, we have selected local handcraft for sale.

In 1937 concrete housing was built at the sheep farm Nýp to replace the traditional turf houses. However, farming was abandoned in the 70s and the house stood neglected and empty until 2001, when the present owners began renovations. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Bookings - and to view the exhibition, please contact: Tel. +354 896 1930 or +354 891 8674. You can also find us on Facebook here.

Hús Handanna Icelandic Art & Design Shop

Miðvangur 1-3, 700 Egilsstaðir

The Hús Handanna Shop is to find at the most trafficked crossroads in Eastern Iceland and in the heart of Egilsstadir town.

The shop was established in 2010 and from the first day the main focus has been on representing Icelandic / East-Icelandic goods founded on our culture and our lifestyle.

The Hús Handanna Shop is environmentally friendly and an artistic life-style-shop, offering a wide variety of Icelandic product design, art crafts, clothing design, art creative writing etc.

Our special emphasis is on offering goods that benefit our environment and ourselves. We even have some gourmet specialities from the local community.

At Hús Handanna Shop among other items, you will find shampoo in a travel kit, waxed napkins for the sandwiches, warm stockings - or even a good book.

And of course your own personal souvenir from your travel. 

You are always Welcome!  

Flóra culture house

Sigurhæðir, 600 Akureyri

Flóra culture house is located in a green oasis in Akureyri city center in one of North Icelands oldest cultural gem Sigurhæðir. 

Shows - Shop - Studios

Combining old and new in a curious way. Flóra is a cultural spot working with artists, designers, farmers and other creative minds offering studios in the house Sigurhæðir, doing events and cultural project and selling and showing artists works and items.


Brúnagerði, 601 Akureyri

Gjóska is an Icelandic design company run by the teacher and textile designer Birna Kristín Friðriksdóttir and her husband the farmer Guðbergur Egill Eyjólfsson. They live on the Farm Brúnagerði in North Iceland, where Gjóska‘s workshop is located but they also run a shop on Skólavörðustígur 20, downtown Reykjavík.

On the farm they run a petting zoo where guests can enjoy Icelandic farm animals like horses, sheeps, puppies, kittens, goats, geese, ducks, and chickens and more.

Also small cafe with emphasis on products from the farm.

Soap and candlemaking

Gunnarsstaðir 4, 681 Þórshöfn

Sillukot ehf is a small family company located in Gunnarsstaðir in Þistilfjörður that produces, handmade soaps, candles and lip balm as well as runs a sheep farm. Emphasis is placed on using natural and good raw materials in the production. 

Alongside soap and candle making, there is a small gallery in Gunnarsstaðir and an online store that sells the company's products


Sólvellir 6, 350 Grundarfjörður

Folk artist with an open workshop and gallery.

Open all year round daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

Vogafjos Farm Resort

Vogum , 660 Mývatn

Welcome to Vogafjós Farm Resort

The resort is located on the east coast of lake Mývatn. It consists of a cosy family-owned guesthouse, a restaurant next to a cowshed and a small boutique with unique local products.

The guesthouse is located in a beautiful area, surrounded by lava rocks and birch trees. It is the perfect location for northern lights scouting. In good conditions the lights can be seen easily from outside the rooms. All our rooms have a private bathroom and a wireless internet connection. The reception is located on the other side of the road, inside Vogafjós Restaurant.



Vogafjós Restaurant is located beside our cowshed. We offer homemade local food such as smoked trout, lamb shanks, beef burgers, mozzarella and salad cheese made from our own milk and our homemade Geysir rye bread which is baked in our underground bakery. The restaurant is fully licensed and specializes in high quality and healthy products. While enjoying your meal you can experience the great view of lake Mývatn or watch through a glass window when the cows are milked, at 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. Guests are also allowed to go inside the cowshed to pet the calves and even try the fresh milk. 


Vogafjós Farm Resort is open all year round.


Vogafjós Resort

Tel: (00354) 464 3800

Pakkhús Museum

Ólafsbraut 12, 355 Ólafsvík

The Pakkhús in Olafsvik is an old trading store, built in 1844. It is a national monument and the Regional Museum of Snæfellsbær town is located on the second and third floors of the building.

A shop selling wool products, local handcraft and Icelandic design is located on the ground floor. 

Open weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00 and weekends 11:00-16:00.

Ullarselið - Wool Centre

Hvanneyri, 311 Borgarnes

Ullarselið is a store set up by individuals interested in the utilisation of wool and other natural Icelandic material. The new and old ways of handling this material are used, especially techniques of processing wool by hand. The shop selection places emphasis on a variety of hand-made items, e.g. articles which have been combed, spun, knitted, matted, woven, and check-woven.

Opening hours from 15th May - 15th September: 11:00-17:00

During winter the Wool Hut is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 13:00 to 17:00.

Gallery Braggi

Aðalgötu 28, 340 Stykkishólmur

Womens Collage Exhibition

Árbraut 31, 540 Blönduós

The woman’s college heritage centre was founded by the friends of the woman’s college with support from the local culture fund. The aim of the heritage center is to preserve the history and artifacts from the college that was run for almost a hundred years, from 1879 until 1978. About 3500 girls attended the college and parts of the building have been restored to its original state. Most of the items found in the collection were donated by former students as well as the relatives of Elín Briem who was the colleges first principal. Guided tours of the house and exhibitions are available.

Hours of Operation: 13-17 weekdays in July. Also on request for groups. 
Admission: ISK 700 kr. 

Sauðaneshús - District Folk Museum

Sauðanes, 681 Þórshöfn

The oldest stone house in Þingeyjar Counties, Sauðaneshús, is located 7 km´s north of the town of Þórshöfn. Today, it serves as the home of the region’s folk museum, which tells the story of life in Langanes Peninsula and how its residents have used their prosperous surroundings to endure through the ages in this unforgiving yet spectacular environment. A new exhibition opened in 2022, curated by two Icelandic artists who are the caretakers at Sauðaneshús during the summer as well.

Open from 15th of June to 15th of August, 13-17. Closed on Mondays. 

Entrance fee

Admission: 1.500 ISK

Pensioners/Students*: 1.100 ISK

Disabled*/Children: Free

Members of ICOM*: Free

Groups (10+): 1.300 ISK

*ID required

It is also possible to buy an entry ticket (2.200 ISK) that gives you access to The Husavik Museum - Safnahúsið, Grenjaðarstaður - The Old Turf House, Snartarstaðir - District Folk Museum & Sauðaneshús - District Folk Museum once during the calendar year 2024. 

Arnarnes Álfasetur

Arnarnes, 604 Akureyri

Arnarnes paradis - An organic experience with endless sunsets in the summer and gorgeous Northern lights in the winter

The hosts, Eyglo and Josavin have lived in Arnarnes since 1981. For the first 18 years they were traditional farmers with cows, sheep and horses but have stopped farming altogether. Now they run a small B&B with a small restaurant and gallery. Their hobbies are many; Eyglo likes painting and practices alternative medicine, Josavin is a carpenter and does all carpentry work and building projects in Arnarnes along with turning wood in his little work shop.

Arnarnes paradis  aims to maintain and preserve the nature. They are a part of the project Responsible tourism, a declaration endorsed by leaders from over 250 companies at Reykjavik University on January 10 2017 in the presence of the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, who is also patron of the project.

Eygló is a yoga instructor, Reiki master and has finished studies in holistic medicine. During the winter season they offer a weekend health package where participants enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, yoga, organic meals and introduction on healthy lifestyle.

Arnarnes paradis aims to make your breakfast as organic as possible. The tea is from the wild herbs from the grounds and all sugar added to the jams is organic. The salad and the vegetables come from the greenhouse. What they can’t grow or produce themselves they buy from a certified local supplier of organic produce.

They also aim to make your sleeping experience as organic as possible. All linen is made from organic cotton and with fair trade commitment. It is also manufactured in Iceland .

gps 65°51'48.2"N 18°13'53.6"W

Note: During summer we also offer sleepingbags accommodation in 2 RVs and one camper.

Husavik Museum - Safnahúsið

Stórigarður 17, 640 Húsavík

The Husavik Museum celebrates the vibrant and progressive history of the Þingeyjar Counties and is run by the District Cultural Center. The permanent exhibition “Daily Life and Nature” examines a century in the history of people whose relationship with nature was immediate and intimate in the years 1850-1950. Natural objects and man-made artefacts are displayed along with contemporary personal accounts by local people. The museum's other permanent exhibition is the Maritime Museum, which provides an insight into the evolution of fishing and boat building in the area, from the time of the rowboat to the age of the motorboat. A myriad of artefacts and a variety of boats are on display, many of which were built in Husavik. In 2021, UNESCO inscribed the Nordic clinker boat traditions on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and here you can view the craftsmanship involved in this tradition. 

Additionally, there are two galleries that hold a diverse range of multi-annual art exhibitions. The building is also home to the District Archives as well as a large collection of art and photography. 

The Husavik Museum is open to visitors all year round. 

15 May - 31 August: Every day 11-17 

1 September -14 May: Tue-Fri 13-16 and Sat 11-16

Entrance fee

Admission: 2.200 ISK

Pensioners/Students*: 1.700 ISK

Disabled*/Children: Free

Members of ICOM*: Free

Groups (10+): 1.900 ISK

*ID required

A single entry ticket gives you access to The Husavik Museum - Safnahúsið, Grenjaðarstaður - The Old Turf House, Snartarstaðir - District Folk Museum & Sauðanes - District Folk Museum once during the calendar year 2024.

Museum of Design and Applied Art

Garðatorg 1, 210 Garðabær

The Museum of Design and Applies Art is a dynamic museum that enhances awareness, inspires and creates opportunities related to Icelandic design by collecting, archiving and sharing Icelandic design from the year 1900 to the present day. The museum serves as a platform for a community that is involved in these mattes and utilizes access to the knowledge and facilities of the museum. This community actively participates in shaping the museum along with our guest and staff.  

Items in the museum store are related to the museum´s collection, exhibitions and events. Here you will find a great collection of work by Icelandic designers. 

Hours of Operation: Open Tue. - Sun. 12-5pm. 
Closed on Mon. Direction from Reykjavik: To Keflavik Airport and the Blue Lagoon Access by car: Route 40 and 41. Bus: # 1, stop: „Ásgarður“
Adults: 1000 kr 
Senior citizens: 500 kr 
Disabled: Free 
Students: Free
Free for children 16 years and younger and ICOM members.


Skriðuklaustur, Centre of culture & history

Skriðuklaustur, 701 Egilsstaðir

Skriðuklaustur is the former home of the famous author Gunnar Gunnarsson (1889-1975). Since 2000 it has been open as a centre of culture & history with various activities and exhibitions. It houses a museum about the author with personal guidance about his life and career as well as the adventure of building a mansion in Fljotsdalur valley in 1939.

The house itself is one of Iceland’s most treasured buildings, donated to the Icelandic nation by the author in 1948. It was designed by the German architect Fritz Höger.

At Skriðuklaustur, you can also have a look at the ruins of a medieval Augustinian monastery from the 16th century which was excavated at the beginning of the 21st century. The ruins are accessible all year round, close to the author's home. The exhibition about medieval life and the excavation can be found in the cultural centre which also houses the restaurant Klausturkaffi. 

Opening hours

April - May: Open daily 11am - 5pm
June - August: Open daily 10am - 5pm
September - October 13th: Open daily 11am - 5pm  


Greta´s House of Clay

Litli-Ós, 531 Hvammstangi

Ceramic gallery 

Summer hours: July 1 - August 20, Mondays to Fridays 13:00 - 17:00. 

Ljómalind - farmers market

Brúartorg 4, 310 Borgarnes

Ljómalind Farmers Market is a fair trade, regional and seasonal co-op. Its aim is to offer a great variety of high quality arts and crafts, it also offers delicacies most of which are straight from the farm. All products are made in West Iceland.

In our shop the Borgarbyggð Tourist Information is located, providing useful information about the area. 

Open daily from 10:00-18:00.

Dyrfinna Torfadóttir, Goldsmith

Stillholt 16-18, 300 Akranes

Curriculum Vitae: Dýrfinna Torfadóttir was born in 1955 in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. She was brought up in Ísafjörður, North-west Iceland, and lived there after finishing her studies.

In 2001 she moved to Akranes, a town adjacent to Reykjavík, and in Akranes she operates a small studio-workshop and gallery.

 Ms Torfadóttir pursued her goldsmithing studies in Akureyri, North-Iceland, and in Valdres, Norway, and obtained her certificate as master goldsmith in 1983. That same year she opened a studio and a giftshop in Ísafjörður, the latter of which she still runs there with handcrafted jewellery and giftware on offer.

Ms Torfadóttir has participated in a number of private and group exhibitions and has received various prizes and awards. She was, for instance, awarded the First prize for the Iceland Fashion Piece of Jewellery in the years of 1997, 1998, and 1999.

Jewellery and other creations of Dýrfinna Torfadóttir can be found and bought in the airport shop in Keflavík (Flugstöð Leifs Eiríkssonar), at Hotel Saga (in Reykjavik), in Epal Design (Reykjavik), in Listhús Ófeigs (Reykjavik) and in Gullauga (Ísafjörður).
A few words about Ms Torfadóttir’s work and characteristics as a goldsmith and designer.
Dýrfinna Torfadóttir has developed a distinct, personal style as a designer of jewellery, characterized by an original and often non-conventional use of materials and a daring execution. Icelandic nature is a notable influence in most of her work, and she is considered among the most significant goldsmiths and designers of jewellery in Iceland.

Dóra's Art Studio

Vatnsdalshólar, 541 Blönduós

Listakot Dóru studio and gallery on the farm Vatnsdalshólar. 

Theme exhibitions in the summer where artists from the north-west take on folklore, antiquities or places. The artist who runs the gallery paints oil paintings - cards and candles. She makes gifts according to personal wishes. She also makes works of art that fall under the cycle system.

Gilhagi Woolmill

Gilhagi, 671 Kópasker

Woolmill at a farm where you get to see and learn about the process of spinning wool from sheep into woolen garments. Pure undye Icelandic wool, locally sourced from farmers, spun in natural icelandic sheep colors in small woolmill at the farm. The icelandic wool has unique properties that shines through in our yarn and fully knitted garments.
Farmshop is located at entrance of woolmill where you can access our and local products.
Farmshop is open daily from 11-18.
The woolyarn is undyed and is in natural colours of the icelandic sheep.
Spun and fully processed at the farm.
Pure, icelandic, fully biodegradable woolyarn locally sourced straight from farmers in the arctic north.
(over winter months we recommend to get in touch about road condition and opening hours)

Mink Viking Portrait

Laugavegur 11, 101 Reykjavík
Mink viking portrait studio specializes in the art of turning mere mortals into fierce vikings. Mink studios employs artisans and experts in the ways of the vikings and the norse tradition.

Viking World

Víkingabraut 1, 260 Reykjanesbær

Vikingaheimar is the home of the Viking Ship Íslendingur (the Icelander). Built in 1996, Icelander is an exact replica of the famous Gokstad
ship, a remarkable archaeological find of an almost completely intact Viking ship, excavated in Norway in 1882.
Captain Gunnar Marel Eggertsson was inspired to build a replica of this beautiful ship based on his own background as shipbuilder and sailor. He copied the original nail for nail. In the year 2000, with a grant from the Leifur Eiríksson Commission of Iceland, he sailed from Iceland to New York, a journey of 4200 nautical miles. His voyage brought world-wide attention to Leif Eiriksson's and Bjarni Herjólfsson's discovery of America, dated, according to the Icelandic sagas, to exactly 1000 A.D.
Building Icelander was an extraordinary achievement;at 23 metres long, 5.25 meters wide and with a holding capacity of 80 tons (by modern standards), it took 2 years of effort.

The sail is 130 square meters and the mast is 18 meters in length. Made from pine and oak, scholars believe this was the most common type of ship in use during the Viking Age.
Vikingaheimar is also a home to the exhibition The North Atlantic
Viking Saga, originally shown at the Smithsonian Institution during the summer of 2000. Launched in Washington D.C. by King Hakon of Norway, and with a State Dinner at the White House, it then traveling to 6 other cities throughout North America. This exhibition, like the sailing of Icelander, celebrated the millennium anniversary of the Viking discovery of North America, shedding light on the latest scholarly research into the Norse settlement and explorations of unknown lands.
Gunnar Marel and his crew of 8 left Iceland on Icelandic Independence day, the 17th of June, with a send off from the Prime Minister of Iceland. When it finally arrived in New York on October 5th-where it was greeted by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mayor Rudolf Guiliani--the ship had made stops at 22 harbors. In addition to the festivities with kings, queens, presidents and mayors, when the ship arrived, visitors also streamed to see it while it was docked at each location, all told about 450,000 people came on board.
These two fine projects, both celebrating Iceland's central role in the discovery of North America 1000 years ago by the Norse Vikings, have now found a permanent home in Vikinga Aldan (Viking Wave), the central building on the Vikingaheimar grounds. A spectacular modern building, it also offers beautiful views of the surrounding bay, Faxaflói.

These two fine projects, both celebrating Iceland's central role in the discovery of North America 1000 years ago by the Norse Vikings, have now found a permanent home in Vikinga Aldan (Viking Wave), the central building on the Vikingaheimar grounds. A spectacular modern building, it also offers beautiful views of the surrounding bay, Faxaflói.

Uppspuni Mini Mill

Lækjartún , 851 Hella

100% Icelandic Yarn made at Uppspuni MiniMill

We are proud to be the very first Mini Mill in Iceland. We have twelve different machines to fully process an extraordinary soft yarn from our own sheep and our neighbors. The yarn we provide is  spun from 100% Icelandic local fiber in the natural colors of the sheep. It comes in different weight that fits different knitting projects. Other colors like blue or yellow, we either get by dyeing with plants or dyeing powder.


The Yarn Shop above the Mill

Housed in our beautiful cozy loft space are unique gifts and Icelandic items handmade by local craftsmen, as well as a large selection of our Uppspuni yarn and spinning fiber. We welcome you to visit our shop during regular opening hours. We produce few types of yarn in our Mini Mill. The name of the yarn we find in our legendary Icelandic Folk Tales. For example; Hulduband (the hidden woman yarn. Dvergaband (the dwarf yarn). Dís (The fairy). Tröllaband (Trollband).

The elves and the hidden people in Iceland are said to live in rocks and mountains. We feel their spirit linger in the strings of the yarn, since the sheep that provide the wool are kept in the magnificent mountains that circle our horizon, for nearly 3 months before shearing. The active volcano Hekla being the closest one to their whereabouts.


Guided Tours

We welcome you on a personalized tour to see how we turn some of Iceland‘s finest wool into yarn. For a nominal fee and by appointment you may enjoy an educational tour of our mill. To schedule please contact us by phone at +354-846-7199, or by email: Your tour can take place during our regular opening hours as well as after hours. Tours are offered in English or Icelandic, but if needed we speak German and Swedish as well.

Included in our prepared presentation are:

  • the history of Icelandic sheep in Iceland (since 874), as well as the history of knitting in our country.
  • The story of Uppspuni‘s founding and the products we make at the mill.
  • A view of machine operation and an explanation of our wool processes.
  • A stop at the loft which houses our shop.


About Us

The owners, Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir and Tyrfingur Sveinsson, are farmers in an acricultural area in the South of Iceland. They run a farm that has been in the same family for three generations, and farm with sheep and beef cattle.

They began their process on 1st of July 2017 and during the weekend 17th  and 18th  of March 2018 there was a formal opening of the Mini Mill and Yarn Store. Since then it has been an adventurous journey where people have shown great interest in the work and many happy customers have visited the Mini Mill.



Uppspuni is situated just by Road 1 in the South of Iceland, close to the bridge over the river Þjórsá and very close to Urriðafoss, surrounded by the great volcanos; Hekla, Eyjafjallajökull and some other authentic mountains at the horizon. After crossing the river Þjórsá on road 1, turn right on road 288. You will find our opening hours on our website and Facebook page. You can also find us on Google Maps.





The Handknitting Association

Skólavörðustígur 19, 101 Reykjavík

In November 1977, a group of people, mainly women, founded The Handknitting Association of Iceland.

Their aim was to increase their income by knitting and selling sweaters and other garments from the unique wool characterstic of the Icelandic sheep.

All our handmade products are knitted in Iceland by members of The Handknitting Association of Iceland.

Þingborg wool processing

Gamla Þingborg, 803 Selfoss

Thingborg Wool shop is located 8 km east of Selfoss, in an old community center and a schoolhouse built-in 1927. A unique wool shop selling handmade quality crafts. The Icelandic sweater is our focus point, a great selection of sweaters and other knitted garments, sheepskins, blankets, naturally colored and hand-dyed yarn, and Lopi from a specially selected lambswool. A shop run by locals since 1991. 

Information regarding opening hours on 

Gallerí Jökull

Norðurtangi 3, 355 Ólafsvík

Gallerí Jökull in Ólafsvík has handmade handicrafts, all made by local people, to offer. There can be found wool sweaters, hats, mittens and socks among other handmade products. We also have products made from wood, pottery, jewelry, croched small animals for children and many other things. 

Open daily from 12:00 to 17:00.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Hnjótur Museum

Hnjótur, Örlygshöfn, 451 Patreksfjörður

Hnjótur Museum in Örlygshöfn in Patreksfjörður, displays a unique collection of old items from the Southern Westfjords.

The museum shows the history of fishing, farming and everyday life in the area.

At the museum is an exhibition about the rescue of the British trawler Dhoon that stranded at Látrabjarg cliffs in 1947.

At the museum is an attractive cafeteria, souvenir shop and information center.

Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 - 18:00, May 1st to September 30th.

Please contact for visits outside scheduled opening hours ( or 456 1511)

Hólabak Gift Shop

Hólabak, 541 Blönduós

Hólabak Gift Shop is located on a farm in the midst of the beautiful countryside of North West Iceland. We produce our own textile and gift products and offer a carefully picked selection of local handicrafts and souvenirs. Our product range is inspired by Icelandic nature and the farm’s surroundings. We offer a truly unique shopping experience.

Trade Museum Bardusa

Brekkugata 4, 530 Hvammstangi
 Opening hours:  Week days
 June 1st - September 1st  10:00-18:00  11:00-17:00

Open at request at other times. Information in tel: +354 869 6327

Bardúsa, a crafts hop, offers very ambitious and equally beautiful handcrafted goods. 

Smávinir Arts and Crafts / Smiðjur

Aðalgata 20, 340 Stykkishólmur

Smávinir ( Small Friends ) is an open woodcraft studio. The artist, Lára Gunnarsdóttir, carves and shapes Icelandic birch and produces birds, angels and various small items.

Icelandic craft Eik

Miðhús, 701 Egilsstaðir

Artwork and souvenirs from Icelandic wood, horn and bones. From the woods, dried and frozen mushrooms, berry and rhubarb syrup, dried herbs, whole and ground Iceland moss.

Urta Islandica

Básvegur 10, 230 Reykjanesbær

Urta Islandica’s Gourmet Local Products Family company that produces delightful teas, syrups, salts, and jams. Urta Islandica is a family-run business that specializes in producing and selling artisan products made from local Icelandic ingredients. The products, which are sold at retailers around the country, offers unique herbal salts, teas and syrups, along with jams and gift boxes. 

At Básvegur, Keflavik, Urta has set up perfect production and packing area for their goods. There they produce many varieties of delicious salts, syrups and jams. There is also a store where you can purchase all the goods and take a look into the production line.

The Old bookstore Flateyri

Hafnarstræti 3-5, 425 Flateyri

The Old Bookstore in Flateyri is the oldest original store in Iceland, fourth generation family business since 1914. In this uniq store you will find all of the best products and books from the Westfjords, combined with high quality products from brands that are at least 100 years old from all around the world. 

At the Bookstore you will also find the merchant apartment of the founder of the Bookstore. Nothing has been change since 1950, when Jón, the founder of the Bookstore past away. – It is a truly an unforgettable experience to take a step into the past, by visiting the old apartment in the Old Bookstore.

But if you truly want to experience the real history of the Old Bookstore and the family you can stay at their home, above the Old bookstore. 


Gallery Kogga

Vesturgata 5, 101 Reykjavík

Unique ceramic design by the well known ceramics artist Kogga and painter Magnus Kjartansson. Placed in the middle of old town Reykjavík, near the harbour.

Opening hours Week days: Saturdays: Sundays:
Summer: 09:00-18:00 10:00-14:00 Closed
Winter: 09:00-18:00 10:00-14:00 Closed


Kringlumýri, 561 Varmahlíð

Only 5 minutes drive from the ring road.

History and Art Exhibition about the turmoils of 13th century Iceland: The exhibition gives insight into the tumultuous 13th century Iceland, focusing on the story of the Sturlungar clan chieftain Thordur kakali. The art exhibition is the fruit of on-site work by 14 artists from 10 countries, uniquely portraying the events of the era. Audio guides are available in several languages.

The Staging of the Battle of Haugsnes (The Stone Army) - large scale outdoor installation: The bloodiest battle in the history of Iceland is undoubtedly the Battle of Haugsnes, April 19th 1246, which claimed 111 lives. The battle occurred during times of great turmoil in 13th century Iceland, as told by the Sturlunga Saga. The owner of Kakalaskáli and history enthusiast, Sigurður Hansen, has arranged 1320 rocks, a total of 600 tons, each representing a warrior on the fateful morning of the battle, moments before the two feuding clans clashed. Those who died in battle and the following days are marked wiht crosses.

María's Workshop and Antiques Shop: Situated at Kakalaskáli and open during the same hours.

Open Daily from June 1st. - August 31st. Hrs: 13-17 except on Mondays. Other times open by appointment.

Please call +354 670-8822 for further information.

The Icelandic Sea Monster Museum

Strandgata 7, 465 Bíldudalur

Tales of sea monsters have played a colourful role in Icelandic folk culture for centuries, and several written accounts of them can be found all around the country. Today, these elusive creatures have been given a worthy home at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum, located in the village of Bildudalur on the shores of Arnarfjörður fjord, said to be one of the most prolific centres of monster activity in the country.

Visitors to the Sea Monster Museum watch these remarkable creatures brought to life through a lively mix of words, images and videos, an action-packed multimedia display that culminates in a spectacular interactive plinth, the first of its kind in Iceland.

First-hand accounts from eye-witnesses are joined on-screen by academic theories on the nature of sea monsters, while a variety of relics and artefacts relating to this mysterious branch of zoology appear throughout the museum as tangible evidence for their existence.

And to feed monster appetites, the museum cafeteria offers a range of light refreshments and snacks.


Eldstó Art Café Restaurant

Austurvegur 2, 860 Hvolsvöllur

Eldstó Art Café Restaurant
Eldstó Art Café is an artistic café/restaurant where all tableware is handmade on the premises by the owners G.Helga Ingadóttir (pottery artist, singer) and Þór Sveinsson (pottery master).
The coffee we serve is of an exquisite quality and our bread, soups and various dishes are homemade as well. Eldstó serves traditional dishes of seafood and lamb, burgers, soups, salads and more.  

Eldstó Art Gallery
The couple Thor Sveinsson, potter and G. Helga Ingadóttir singer/pottery artist are the proud creators of the pottery used and sold in Eldstó. Their ceramic art creations are glazed with volcanic glaze, made from the volcanic substances of Mount Hekla and Búðardalur earth materials. On our big screen you can see video clips of the artists at work designing and creating original Icelandic handiwork.

Made in Ísland

Austurvegur 44, 800 Selfoss
Made In Ísland is an authentic Icelandic store who only sell items that are created in Iceland. They sell art, craft, souvenirs, wool, food and gifts.

Gallery Koltra

Hafnarstræti 5, 470 Þingeyri

Medieval Days at Gásir

Þelamerkurskóli, 604 Akureyri

3rd weekend in July

KIDKA Wool factory shop

Höfðabraut 34, 530 Hvammstangi

Our company KIDKA is one of the biggest knitting factories in Iceland and its name stands for beautiful and high-quality wool products, which are fashionable, comfortable and genuine Icelandic.

You can find our products in shops all over Iceland. Our factory is situated in the beautiful Miðfjörður area, in the small town Hvammstangi, halfway between Reykjavík and Akureyri, just 5 min from the main Road 1.

KIDKA sweaters, cardigans, and accessories are knitted by knitting machines. If you stop by in Hvammstangi you are welcome to take a look at our factory and see it yourself.  A visit to the KIDKA Wool factory provides a unique insight into the genuine Icelandic way of knitwear production. We like to show you how your sweater is made.
In our cozy factory shop, you can purchase our KIDKA wool products or buy some hand-knitted wool products for a good price.

We are also in Reykjavík:

KIDKA Wool Factory Shop
Höfðabraut 34, 530 Hvammstangi

Gallery Flói

Þingborg 1, 803 Selfoss

Gallery Flói is an artisan-run studio and store where the local artisan Fanndís works with glass, melts and forms it over a open flame into glass beads and other objects of art. 

Fanndís also works with ceramics, drawings, paintings, silver and other materials in her art creations. Fanndís specializes in making historical replicas of glass beads found from the Viking period in Iceland as well as her own modern designs. Everything in Gallery Flói is handmade, unique and worked on site from quality material and using as much local ingredients as possible.

Blómalindin Café

Vesturbraut 6, 370 Búðardalur

Café - flowers - gift shop.

Open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 10:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Giljar Horses & Handcraft

Giljar, 320 Reykholt í Borgarfirði

Giljar is a farm in Borgarbyggð, West Iceland, and located 12 km from Reykholt towards Húsafell.

We offer easy riding tours in the beautiful surroundings of our farm. There are daily trips during the summer ranging from 1 – 3 hours. Both beginners and experienced riders are welcome.

Please book in advance. We look forward to hearing from you! :-)


Eyrarvegur 20, 350 Grundarfjörður

Krums is a home based designer studio in Grundarfjörður, Snæfellsnes. Krums design varies from handbags, pillows, table runners, t-shirts among other things. Our design is mainly based on old Icelandic tradition, like the famous wool sweater and needle craft from 18th and 19th century and of course our beautyful Icelandic languages.

Open all year round on weekdays from 14:00 to 18:00.

Norwegian House - Regional Muesum

Hafnargata 5, 340 Stykkishólmur

Norwegian house: The regional museum  of Snæfellsnes

The Norwegian house, built in 1832, was the first wood-frame residence with two full-sized storeys in Iceland. The wood was imported from Norway hence the name. It was the home of Árni Ó. Thorlacius (1802–1891) and Anna M. Steenback (1807–1894) and has been renovated partially back to its original style. The Norwegian house serves as the regional museum for the Snæfellsnes area with an open storage on the top floor and 
rotating exhibitions on the lower level as well as a museum shop with handicraft, sweets and products from the area.

 Opening hours:

June 1st - August 31st: Every day from 11-17.

May: Every day from 13-16.

Stykkishólmur Museum Pass - Norwegian House and Water Library:

Adults ISK 2.080,-

Tickets for the Library of Water are sold at the Norwegian House.

Memorial Museum Kört

Árnes II, Trékyllisvík, 524 Árneshreppur

Kört is a small museum in Trékyllisvík in Strandir. There you can find an impressive display of old artifacts from the area, as well as local arts and crafts for sale. The house is situated in the beautiful creek Trékyllisvík where it is surrounded by mountains, sea, birds, seals and a rocky coast. The owner Valgeir Benediktsson built the house out of driftwood from the coast over his collection of old things from the area in 1997. He is an artist and uses driftwood and other Icelandic wood in his pieces that are sold in Kört along with art and craft from local people. Kört also offers guided tours in and around Trékyllisvík. Coffee and light refreshments are available. Open 11 to 17 hrs. every day from 1st of June until 31st of August.

Gallery Lundi

V/Frúarstíg, 340 Stykkishólmur

Local handicrafts. Variety of products: Icelandic sweaters, hats, jewellery, wood products and more. Open daily from 12:30 to 18:00, from approximately May 5 to September 25 each year. Also open upon request.

Hænuvík Travel Service / Gallery Gullhóll

Hænuvík, 451 Patreksfjörður

4 person, 6 person, 8 person and 10 person houses. Cooking facilities and bathrooms.

Sunsets, white beaches and rich birdlife.

Opening hours in Gallery Gullhóll is 9:00-22:00.


Mánagata 1, 230 Reykjanesbær

Sossa is an Icelandic painter and Fulbright Scholar. She’s a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts as well as a Master of Fine Arts from Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 

Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries and at international art exhibitions throughout Europe, North America, and Asia including: 

The International Beijing Biennale in China, Koppelman Gallery in Massachusetts, Galleri Sct. Gertrud in Copenhagen, Mac Gowan Fine Art in the United States, Aalborg Art Association in Denmark, Galeria de Arte in Portugal, at the Danish Ministries Art Association, Florence Biennale in Italy, Art Apart Fair in Singapore, and at Gallerí Fold in Reykjavik Iceland.

Dyngjan - listhús

Fíflbrekka, 605 Akureyri


Austurmörk 21, 810 Hveragerði

LÁ Art Museum (Listasafn Árnesinga) welcomes you. It runs ambitious and various shows of contemporary as well as modern art in its four spacious exhibitions rooms. The exhibitions reflect our cultural heritage and our contemporary change.

The bright seating area offers visitors the chance to relax in a peaceful setting whilst browsing through art related reading material supplied. The Museum also houses a small café and the children´s corner gives the museum´s younger visitors a chance to enjoy themselves.

The Museum is owned by the eight Municipalities in Árnesinga County and supported by the Museum Council of Iceland. 


LÁ Art Museum on Facebook

Opening hours:

May - August – every day: 12:00-17:00
September - April – every day except Monday: 12:00-17:00


Árbæjarveg, 816 Ölfus

Hespuhúsið is an open plant dyeing studio where guests are welcome to visit the studio, look into the dye-pots and get information about the old coloring tradition. In the seating area, there is a mini-museum with old things related to handcraft. Plant dyed Icelandic wool is for sale with patterns for various projects. Opening hours are on the website and guests are welcome at any time on request.  


Borgarbraut 57, 310 Borgarnes

FOK is a design boutique shop in the shopping centre Hyrnutorg in Borgarnes.

Hof Cultural and Conference Center

Strandgata 12, 600 Akureyri

Hof Cultural Centre is located in downtown Akureyri and is one of the greatest landmarks of the town. With the circular building’s exterior being inspired by the Icelandic columnar igneous rocks, the building makes a clear and deserved mark on the town and attracts a number of guests all year round. Hof is an information centre for travellers and is therefore a popular destination for tourists visiting Akureyri. The majestic design of the building’s exterior as well as interior creates a welcoming atmosphere and is admired by both guests and those just passing by. 

Hof Cultural Centre is the heart of northern Icelandic culture and provides services across the entire north-east corner of the country with a great variety of events. So including foreign travellers the centre attracts thousands of guests from all over the country annually with it’s great melange of cultural and artistic events, concerts, conferences, meetings and so on and so forth.  

The operations of Hof Cultural Centre is in the hands of Akureyri Culture Company, which also oversees the production and project co-ordination of most of the events that take place both at Hof and Samkomuhúsið. Besides that the ACC also oversees the renting out of Hof’s many halls and spaces for all kinds of events and thus contributes to the growing supply of a diverse cultural input in the North. 

Rúnalist Stórhól - Art craft and animals

Stórhóll, 560 Varmahlíð

Local hand craft for sale.  Natural Icelandic materials from Skagafjörður, leather, fish leather, hides and wool.


Rangárbakkar 7, 850 Hella
Woolmarket with products such as "lopapeysa", hats and mittens etc. All handmade by locals with icelandic sheepwool.

East Iceland Heritage Museum

Laufskógar 1, 700 Egilsstaðir

The East Iceland Heritage Museum was founded in 1943 and since then its aims has been to preserve the history of East Iceland by collecting and preserving things that reflect the society, culture and everyday life of people in the area, from past to present day. 

The museum has two permanent exhibitions, one about the reindeers in East Iceland and one about the old rural household in the region. The museum also has diverse temporary exhibitions through the year. 

Reindeer in East Iceland
The East is the only part of Iceland where you will find wild reindeer. They contribute to the unique nature and are strongly connected to the region’s history and culture. The focus of the exhibition is on their nature, characteristics, and survival, as well as reindeer hunting and how reindeer products have contributed to a creative development of fashion design and handcraft. 

The old rural household as a self-sufficient entity
On display are items from the historical, rural community in East-Iceland up until the mid-20th century. Some items relate to a practical role in everyday life, while others bear witness to the fact that life was not only about basic survival but also about creating beautiful things for decoration and pleasure. Among things on display is a living room (baðstofa) of an Icelandic turf house. 

For more information, please visit

Michelle Bird Artist - Courage Creativity

Sæunnargata 12, 310 Borgarnes

Art gallery and creative team building workshops for companies, clubs & families.

Engage in a powerful artistic journey conductive to profound self expression that promotes and hones collaborative and team building skills. Our emphasis is on group process and creating conditions conductive to self expression and catharsis. You will be guided through a variety of tactile and tonal experiences. This playful environment is designed for you to access your flow state of mind.

Whether you are a team of employees, on a family reunion, or a club looking for an activity to strengthen communication, this experience is a stepping stone to forging bonds and honing your imagination.

Michelle Bird is passionate about art. She specialises in creating environments that evoke unique artistic expression. For decades she has taught creative team building workshops around the world to companies, middle schools, high schools and colleges, associations, clubs and yoga retreats.  


Klettsbúð 7, 360 Hellissandur

Útgerðin is a design store in Hellissandur, a small fishing village on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Útgerðin focuses on promoting Icelandic design, local handcraft and selected Scandinavian design. 

For opening hours please visit social media. 

Vala Shop and Art Gallery

Sólheimar, 801 Selfoss

Vala Shop and Art BoutiqueThe shopping center of Sólheimar provides its residents and visitors with their major necessities.  The shop focuses on offering organic products, especially from the bakery, food processing and greenhouses located at Sólheimar.
The Sólheimar Art Boutique is housed in the same building as the Vala shop.  The gallery displays and sells crafts made by Sólheimar residents from six different workshops located in Solheimar such as ceramics, woodcrafts, weaving, candles, paintings and cosmetics.
Sólheimar is considered the oldest eco-village in the world. Sólheimar was established as a children’s home 80 years ago, but today Sólheimar focuses on offering people with special needs varied and creative employment opportunities, jobs in organic horticulture and forestry in a close-knit community that focuses on environmental issues and vivid cultural life. Sólheimar workplaces include six creative art workshops, Nærandi - an organic bakery and food processing unit, Ölur - organic forestry, Sunna – organic horticulture, Guesthouse Sesseljuhus, and Græna Kannan – an organic café. All products are sold in the Vala grocery store and art gallery.

is considered the oldest eco-village in the world. Sólheimar was established as a children’s home 80 years ago, but today Sólheimar focuses on offering people with special needs varied and creative employment opportunities, jobs in organic horticulture and forestry in a close-knit community that focuses on environmental issues and vivid cultural life. Sólheimar workplaces include six creative art workshops, Nærandi - an organic bakery and food processing unit, Ölur - organic forestry, Sunna – organic horticulture, Guesthouse Sesseljuhus, and Græna Kannan – an organic café. All products are sold in the Vala grocery store and art gallery.

Guesthouse Gullsól

Sólberg, 611 Grímsey

Our guesthouse stands in the heart of Grimsey island. We are located just above the harbor with amazing views thereover. Our house is 3 stories high and the top two stories host the guesthouse while the bottom floor hosts our small handicraft store and café.


The guesthouse offers 6 rooms:

3 single bedrooms

Two rooms with 120cm beds (For 1-2 people)

One room with two single sized beds.


We also offer a toddler travel bed available for our guests free of charge.


Our bathroom is on the top floor and is shared by all guests.

Free WIFI is included for all guests.

We exclusively offer made up beds with high-quality sheets and two pillows for each guest.

Each guest also gets a big towel and a washcloth to use during their stay. More offered for longer stays if requested.


We have a fully prepared kitchen which can be shared and used by all of our guests.

The kitchen includes a fridge, stovetop, oven, microwave, coffee maker, sandwich maker, toaster, tea kettle and more appliances.

Our kitchen table seats 8 people and furthermore next to the kitchen is the living room with a couch and two lounge chairs as well as a tv and a little bookcase.


On the first floor of the house through a separate entrance, we have a split space with both a little coffee house offering waffles with whipped cream, chocolate, and home-made jam as well as tea, coffee, and hot cocoa. The other side has a little handicraft store with Grímsey island made handcrafted things like wool sweaters, gloves, and hats. Also, we offer souvenirs and a document stating you‘ve crossed over the arctic circle.


For bookings and other information visit our website or send us an email at


Hafnargata 11, 240 Grindavík

VIGT is an interior design studio formed by a mother and three daughters. Our common interest is derived

from our experience in the interior furnishings and construction industry. We have all worked for the

family company, Grindin, which has built a number of houses and furnished them since 1979.


The majority of our products are made in our workshop. We carefully choose the manufacturers that we

collaborate with, whether in Iceland or abroad.


Our workshop and store are located in the house where the fishermen used to come by to weigh their

catch. The house has a special meaning to us, it was built by our grandfather.


We seek inspiration in each other and our background and origin, wood

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre

Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík

Harpa - Reykjavík's latest landmark

Harpa opened its doors in May 2011 and is home to the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera. Harpa also hosts a wide range of concerts, spanning all musical genres, and numerous events, meetings and conferences.

Harpa’s glass façade is designed by renowned artist Olafur Eliasson, in cooperation with Henning Larsen Architects. The design is based on a geometric principle, realised in two and three dimensions. Reminiscent of the crystallised basalt columns commonly found in Iceland, the southern facades create kaleidoscopic reflections of the city and the striking surrounding landscape.

Opening hours:

Winter (October 1 - May 31) 
10:00 – 22:00

Summer (June 1 –  September 30)
09:00 – 22:00