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58 niðurstöður

Nordic Store ehf.

Lækjargata 2, 101 Reykjavík

Since 2002, Nordic Store has been the leading online store in Iceland, focusing on providing the internet shopper with the biggest selection of Icelandic products.

We are proud of our success in the past 9 years. Thousands of satisfied customers that repeatedly choose to buy form our store is the best testimony of our effort.

On our online store you can purchase many Iceland’s best products from your home and have them delivered to your doorsteps. Our products are carefully selected by our specialists and must comply with our standards and criteria, such as quality, availability and value for money.

To protect sensitive information online and to guarantee the best possible security for our customers, Nordic Store uses the strongest, most advanced security available: 128-bit SSL encryption from VeriSign. Your credit card information is therefore always secure at the Nordic Store website. More information on SSL, VeriSign and the encryption can be found on the VeriSign website.

We do NOT sell or give away your personal information such as name, address or e-mail to any third party for marketing purposes.

Shipping of Your Icelandic Products:
You can choose from three types of shipping methods; airmail, economy mail and an express courier. We pack your products carefully. Food and fragile items are specially packed to ensure mint condition delivery.

We want you to enjoy the best of what our country has to offer. Special requests are welcome and if we do not sell the Icelandic product you are looking for, just send us an e-mail and we will make an effort to make it available to you. 

Vogafjos Farm Resort

Vogum , 660 Mývatn

Welcome to Vogafjós Farm Resort

The resort is located on the east coast of lake Mývatn. It consists of a cosy family-owned guesthouse, a restaurant next to a cowshed and a small boutique with unique local products.

The guesthouse is located in a beautiful area, surrounded by lava rocks and birch trees. It is the perfect location for northern lights scouting. In good conditions the lights can be seen easily from outside the rooms. All our rooms have a private bathroom and a wireless internet connection. The reception is located on the other side of the road, inside Vogafjós Restaurant.



Vogafjós Restaurant is located beside our cowshed. We offer homemade local food such as smoked trout, lamb shanks, beef burgers, mozzarella and salad cheese made from our own milk and our homemade Geysir rye bread which is baked in our underground bakery. The restaurant is fully licensed and specializes in high quality and healthy products. While enjoying your meal you can experience the great view of lake Mývatn or watch through a glass window when the cows are milked, at 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. Guests are also allowed to go inside the cowshed to pet the calves and even try the fresh milk. 


Vogafjós Farm Resort is open all year round.


Vogafjós Resort

Tel: (00354) 464 3800

Selfoss Center

Sigtún 3, 800 Selfoss

Some towns are old, and some are new. But in Selfoss, the past connects with the present in a truly unique way. We look forward by looking back. 

35 historic buildings, previously damaged by fire, or had fallen into disrepair, are being reconstructed to form a unique cultural centre.

Cutting-edge architecture is set against the panorama of Icelandic history. Within a one-hour drive of all Iceland’s major nature attractions in the south.

Opened in 2021, the new Selfoss Centre hosts shops, restaurants, hotels and cultural activities of different kinds.


Hafnargötu 81, 415 Bolungarvík


Brúnagerði, 601 Akureyri

Gjóska is an Icelandic design company run by the teacher and textile designer Birna Kristín Friðriksdóttir and her husband the farmer Guðbergur Egill Eyjólfsson. They live on the Farm Brúnagerði in North Iceland, where Gjóska‘s workshop is located but they also run a shop on Skólavörðustígur 20, downtown Reykjavík.

On the farm they run a petting zoo where guests can enjoy Icelandic farm animals like horses, sheeps, puppies, kittens, goats, geese, ducks, and chickens and more.

Also small cafe with emphasis on products from the farm.


Bakkagata 10, 670 Kópasker

Luxury by Sabina

Búðarvegur 49, 750 Fáskrúðsfjörður

Fish Store in Selfoss

Eyravegur 59, 800 Selfoss

The Fish Store in Selfoss was founded in 1986. It carries most items seafood related and the store is welcome to everyone. Grab fresh salmon from the river or icelandi traditional fish cakes. Welcome. 


Skeiði 1, 400 Ísafjörður


Nýbýlavegur 4, 200 Kópavogur

Fish is our specialty. We offer hot food for lunch, whether you sit with us or order to your home.

Made in Ísland

Austurvegur 44, 800 Selfoss
Made In Ísland is an authentic Icelandic store who only sell items that are created in Iceland. They sell art, craft, souvenirs, wool, food and gifts.


Austurvegur 10, 860 Hvolsvöllur

Food, gas or shopping. You can find it all here in Björk.

Urta Islandica

Básvegur 10, 230 Reykjanesbær

Urta Islandica’s Gourmet Local Products Family company that produces delightful teas, syrups, salts, and jams. Urta Islandica is a family-run business that specializes in producing and selling artisan products made from local Icelandic ingredients. The products, which are sold at retailers around the country, offers unique herbal salts, teas and syrups, along with jams and gift boxes. 

At Básvegur, Keflavik, Urta has set up perfect production and packing area for their goods. There they produce many varieties of delicious salts, syrups and jams. There is also a store where you can purchase all the goods and take a look into the production line.

The camping card

Ármúli 36, 108 Reykjavík

Útilegukortið ehf (The Camping Card ehf) was established in 2006. The objective with its foundation is to give Icelandic and foreign travellers the opportunity to travel around Iceland in cost effective and frugal way by camping at around 40  camp sites or as long as the camp sites are open for visitors. The Camping Card costs only 179 EUR. The Camping Card is valid for two adults and up to four children to the age of 16. There are no limits to how often each visitor can visit each camp site. The summer of 2023 will be the seventeenth summer that travellers have the opportunity to purchase the Camping Card and therefore benefit the great value it provides. 

Enjoy the summer and the Icelandic beautiful nature.

Flóra culture house

Sigurhæðir, 600 Akureyri

Flóra culture house is located in a green oasis in Akureyri city center in one of North Icelands oldest cultural gem Sigurhæðir. 

Shows - Shop - Studios

Combining old and new in a curious way. Flóra is a cultural spot working with artists, designers, farmers and other creative minds offering studios in the house Sigurhæðir, doing events and cultural project and selling and showing artists works and items.

Gilhagi Woolmill

Gilhagi, 671 Kópasker

Woolmill at a farm where you get to see the process of spinning wool from sheep into woolen garments.
Farmshop is open daily from 10-18.
Farmshop is located at entrance of woolmill where you can access our and local products. and light refreshment.
Pure undye Icelandic wool, locally sourced from farmers, spun in natural icelandic sheep colors in small woolmill at the farm. The icelandic wool has unique properties that shines through in our yarn and fully knitted garments.
The woolyarn is undyed and is in natural colours of the icelandic sheep.
The connection with nature is strong and you can enjoy the stillness surrounding the farm.
(over winter months we recommend to get in touch about road condition and opening hours)

Uppspuni Mini Mill

Lækjartún , 851 Hella

100% Icelandic Yarn made at Uppspuni MiniMill

We are proud to be the very first Mini Mill in Iceland. We have twelve different machines to fully process an extraordinary soft yarn from our own sheep and our neighbors. The yarn we provide is  spun from 100% Icelandic local fiber in the natural colors of the sheep. It comes in different weight that fits different knitting projects. Other colors like blue or yellow, we either get by dyeing with plants or dyeing powder.


The Yarn Shop above the Mill

Housed in our beautiful cozy loft space are unique gifts and Icelandic items handmade by local craftsmen, as well as a large selection of our Uppspuni yarn and spinning fiber. We welcome you to visit our shop during regular opening hours. We produce few types of yarn in our Mini Mill. The name of the yarn we find in our legendary Icelandic Folk Tales. For example; Hulduband (the hidden woman yarn. Dvergaband (the dwarf yarn). Dís (The fairy). Tröllaband (Trollband).

The elves and the hidden people in Iceland are said to live in rocks and mountains. We feel their spirit linger in the strings of the yarn, since the sheep that provide the wool are kept in the magnificent mountains that circle our horizon, for nearly 3 months before shearing. The active volcano Hekla being the closest one to their whereabouts.


Guided Tours

We welcome you on a personalized tour to see how we turn some of Iceland‘s finest wool into yarn. For a nominal fee and by appointment you may enjoy an educational tour of our mill. To schedule please contact us by phone at +354-846-7199, or by email: Your tour can take place during our regular opening hours as well as after hours. Tours are offered in English or Icelandic, but if needed we speak German and Swedish as well.

Included in our prepared presentation are:

  • the history of Icelandic sheep in Iceland (since 874), as well as the history of knitting in our country.
  • The story of Uppspuni‘s founding and the products we make at the mill.
  • A view of machine operation and an explanation of our wool processes.
  • A stop at the loft which houses our shop.


About Us

The owners, Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir and Tyrfingur Sveinsson, are farmers in an acricultural area in the South of Iceland. They run a farm that has been in the same family for three generations, and farm with sheep and beef cattle.

They began their process on 1st of July 2017 and during the weekend 17th  and 18th  of March 2018 there was a formal opening of the Mini Mill and Yarn Store. Since then it has been an adventurous journey where people have shown great interest in the work and many happy customers have visited the Mini Mill.



Uppspuni is situated just by Road 1 in the South of Iceland, close to the bridge over the river Þjórsá and very close to Urriðafoss, surrounded by the great volcanos; Hekla, Eyjafjallajökull and some other authentic mountains at the horizon. After crossing the river Þjórsá on road 1, turn right on road 288. You will find our opening hours on our website and Facebook page. You can also find us on Google Maps.





Katla Visitor Centre

Víkurbraut 28, 870 Vík

 In the old heart of Vík, you will find the historical Brydebúð building, housing the Katla Visitor Centre. 

Encounter the geology of the Katla UNESCO Global Geopark in the Katla exhibition. Feel the various textures of local minerals, including volcanic ash dating back to 1860, and learn about volcanic eruptions in the infamous Katla volcano. 

Discover the history of shipwrecks and disasters on the black beaches of South Iceland and get to know the lucky ship Skaftfellingur at the Hafnleysa Maritime Museum. Put yourselves in the shoes of fishermen fighting the waves of the harbourless south coast. 

Learn how best to experience Vík and the Mýrdalur region at our information centre. Shop local produce and explore Vík by participating in the Vík Treasure Quest or tour the Vík Culture Walk. Maps of the area with all its exciting outdoor opportunities are available here!  


Laugavegur 178, 105 Reykjavík

Árborg - Grill and store

Árbær, 801 Selfoss

KS Ketilási

Fljót, 570 Fljót

We are located in the north of Iceland surrounded by farms and beautiful mountains. At KS in Ketilás you will find a mini market with varied essential products and a fuel station (diesel oil only). Fast food is available from June to the middle of August. We offer hot dogs, burgers, fries and pizzas.

The Old bookstore Flateyri

Hafnarstræti 3-5, 425 Flateyri

The Old Bookstore in Flateyri is the oldest original store in Iceland, fourth generation family business since 1914. In this uniq store you will find all of the best products and books from the Westfjords, combined with high quality products from brands that are at least 100 years old from all around the world. 

At the Bookstore you will also find the merchant apartment of the founder of the Bookstore. Nothing has been change since 1950, when Jón, the founder of the Bookstore past away. – It is a truly an unforgettable experience to take a step into the past, by visiting the old apartment in the Old Bookstore.

But if you truly want to experience the real history of the Old Bookstore and the family you can stay at their home, above the Old bookstore. 


Hamona ehf

Sjávargötu 4, 470 Þingeyri

Hólabak Gift Shop

Hólabak, 541 Blönduós

Hólabak Gift Shop is located on a farm in the midst of the beautiful countryside of North West Iceland. We produce our own textile and gift products and offer a carefully picked selection of local handicrafts and souvenirs. Our product range is inspired by Icelandic nature and the farm’s surroundings. We offer a truly unique shopping experience.

Verslunin Fjölval ehf

Þórgötu 10, 450 Patreksfjörður

Soap and candlemaking

Gunnarsstaðir 4, 681 Þórshöfn

Sillukot ehf is a small family company located in Gunnarsstaðir in Þistilfjörður that produces, handmade soaps, candles and lip balm as well as runs a sheep farm. Emphasis is placed on using natural and good raw materials in the production. 

Alongside soap and candle making, there is a small gallery in Gunnarsstaðir and an online store that sells the company's products


Vitastíg 3, 415 Bolungarvík


Tjarnarbraut 2, 465 Bíldudalur

Vegamót Bíldudal is a family owned and operated restaurant and shop in Bíldudalur, where you can get all basic necessities; milk, bread and other goodies. We also offer ice cream, hot dogs (the Icelandic specialty), crêpes, hamburgers, sandwiches and a selection of dishes from the kitchen, which include our popular "fish & Chips", fish of the day, lamb chops, beef steak and delicious cakes. 

Viking World

Víkingabraut 1, 260 Reykjanesbær

Vikingaheimar is the home of the Viking Ship Íslendingur (the Icelander). Built in 1996, Icelander is an exact replica of the famous Gokstad
ship, a remarkable archaeological find of an almost completely intact Viking ship, excavated in Norway in 1882.
Captain Gunnar Marel Eggertsson was inspired to build a replica of this beautiful ship based on his own background as shipbuilder and sailor. He copied the original nail for nail. In the year 2000, with a grant from the Leifur Eiríksson Commission of Iceland, he sailed from Iceland to New York, a journey of 4200 nautical miles. His voyage brought world-wide attention to Leif Eiriksson's and Bjarni Herjólfsson's discovery of America, dated, according to the Icelandic sagas, to exactly 1000 A.D.
Building Icelander was an extraordinary achievement;at 23 metres long, 5.25 meters wide and with a holding capacity of 80 tons (by modern standards), it took 2 years of effort.

The sail is 130 square meters and the mast is 18 meters in length. Made from pine and oak, scholars believe this was the most common type of ship in use during the Viking Age.
Vikingaheimar is also a home to the exhibition The North Atlantic
Viking Saga, originally shown at the Smithsonian Institution during the summer of 2000. Launched in Washington D.C. by King Hakon of Norway, and with a State Dinner at the White House, it then traveling to 6 other cities throughout North America. This exhibition, like the sailing of Icelander, celebrated the millennium anniversary of the Viking discovery of North America, shedding light on the latest scholarly research into the Norse settlement and explorations of unknown lands.
Gunnar Marel and his crew of 8 left Iceland on Icelandic Independence day, the 17th of June, with a send off from the Prime Minister of Iceland. When it finally arrived in New York on October 5th-where it was greeted by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mayor Rudolf Guiliani--the ship had made stops at 22 harbors. In addition to the festivities with kings, queens, presidents and mayors, when the ship arrived, visitors also streamed to see it while it was docked at each location, all told about 450,000 people came on board.
These two fine projects, both celebrating Iceland's central role in the discovery of North America 1000 years ago by the Norse Vikings, have now found a permanent home in Vikinga Aldan (Viking Wave), the central building on the Vikingaheimar grounds. A spectacular modern building, it also offers beautiful views of the surrounding bay, Faxaflói.

These two fine projects, both celebrating Iceland's central role in the discovery of North America 1000 years ago by the Norse Vikings, have now found a permanent home in Vikinga Aldan (Viking Wave), the central building on the Vikingaheimar grounds. A spectacular modern building, it also offers beautiful views of the surrounding bay, Faxaflói.


Rangárbakkar 7, 850 Hella
Woolmarket with products such as "lopapeysa", hats and mittens etc. All handmade by locals with icelandic sheepwool.

Jon and Oskar, watch- and jewelry store

Laugavegur 61, 101 Reykjavík

A family run watch and jewelery store.

Guesthouse Gullsól

Sólberg, 611 Grímsey

Our guesthouse stands in the heart of Grimsey island. We are located just above the harbor with amazing views thereover. Our house is 3 stories high and the top two stories host the guesthouse while the bottom floor hosts our small handicraft store and café.


The guesthouse offers 6 rooms:

3 single bedrooms

Two rooms with 120cm beds (For 1-2 people)

One room with two single sized beds.


We also offer a toddler travel bed available for our guests free of charge.


Our bathroom is on the top floor and is shared by all guests.

Free WIFI is included for all guests.

We exclusively offer made up beds with high-quality sheets and two pillows for each guest.

Each guest also gets a big towel and a washcloth to use during their stay. More offered for longer stays if requested.


We have a fully prepared kitchen which can be shared and used by all of our guests.

The kitchen includes a fridge, stovetop, oven, microwave, coffee maker, sandwich maker, toaster, tea kettle and more appliances.

Our kitchen table seats 8 people and furthermore next to the kitchen is the living room with a couch and two lounge chairs as well as a tv and a little bookcase.


On the first floor of the house through a separate entrance, we have a split space with both a little coffee house offering waffles with whipped cream, chocolate, and home-made jam as well as tea, coffee, and hot cocoa. The other side has a little handicraft store with Grímsey island made handcrafted things like wool sweaters, gloves, and hats. Also, we offer souvenirs and a document stating you‘ve crossed over the arctic circle.


For bookings and other information visit our website or send us an email at


Hafnarstræti 7, 400 Ísafjörður

In Hamraborg you'll find a diner menu that includes delicious pizza, sandwiches, burgers, ice cream and more. In addition you'll find essential everyday products. No store in Ísafjörður has as long opening hours as Hamraborg.


Austurvegur 9, 800 Selfoss

KS Hofsós

Suðurbraut 9, 565 Hofsós

At KS in Hofsós you will find a convenience store, an N1 petrol station and refreshments.

Gunnukaffi Café

Hafnarstræti 11, 425 Flateyri

Söluskáli ÓK

Ólafsbraut 27, 355 Ólafsvík

Söluskáli ÓK in Ólafsvík is a fast-food restaurant, a store and a petrol station.

Ölverk Pizza & Brewery

Breiðamörk 2, 810 Hveragerði

Making small batch craft beers from brewery that is powered with geothermal energy and making high quality fire baked pizza has been perfected at Ölverk brewpub. Ölverk is located neatly in the Golden Circle route and is only a 35 minutes drive away from Reykjavik.

The unique use of geothermal energy in the brewing process at Ölverk brewery makes it a must stop for everyone who likes good craft beer and are a planning a trip to the South region of Iceland. 

The motivation behind Ölverk lies in deep passion for premium wood fired pizza and fine craft beer. Ölverk is family and locally owned, run by Laufey and her fiancé Elvar. They are a young local couple, with two sons, who together with Ragnar make a well balanced team with great future ambitions for their.Their reputation for local welcoming atmosphere, excellent high-quality craft beer and pizza has spread widely since opening in the spring of 2017. 

Ölverk offers tours where the history of beer in Iceland discuss, geothermal activity in the Hengill area and the use of geothermal energy here in Hveragerði as well as in the whole of Iceland. The main focus of the tour, however, is the story of Ölverk, and our own special brewing process as the  Each guest gets to taste four different Ölverk beers during their tour. Our traditional brewery tour lasts 30-40 minutes and needs to be booked in advance.

Búðin - Village store Borgarfirði eystri

Póstur og síma, 720 Borgarfjörður eystri

Búðin in Borgarfjörður eystri is a small and friendly village shop owned by the local people of Borgarfjörður. The policy is to have a good selection of necessities for locals as well as tourists who make their way to this beautiful village in East Iceland. As well as being a shop, it also hosts a tourist information center where tourists can gather information on places of interest, hiking trails and other useful information for their trip.  

Gallerý Fiskur

Nethylur 2, 110 Reykjavík

N1 - Shop Ólafsvík

Ólafsbraut 57, 355 Ólafsvík

Verzlunarfélag Árneshrepps ehf

Norðurfirði, 524 Árneshreppur

Sam ehf

Skeiði 1, 400 Ísafjörður

Urta Islandica

Austurgata 47, 220 Hafnarfjörður

Urta Islandica’s Gourmet Local Products Family company that produces delightful teas, syrups, salts, and jams. Urta Islandica is a family-run business that specializes in producing and selling artisan products made from local Icelandic ingredients. The products, which are sold at retailers around the country, offers unique herbal salts, teas and syrups, along with jams and gift boxes.

At Básvegur, Keflavik, Urta has set up perfect production and packing area for their goods. There they produce many varieties of delicious salts, syrups and jams. There is also a store where you can purchase all the goods and take a look into the production line. 

Skálinn Fast Food

Hásteinsvegur 2, 825 Stokkseyri

Fastfood, convenience store, petrol station.


Skagfirðingabraut 29, 550 Sauðárkrókur

Álafoss wool store

Álafossvegur 23, 270 Mosfellsbær

Álafoss - tradition of quality since 1896. When Álafoss was established at the end of the 19th century, it was marked as the true beginning of Iceland's wool industry. Álafoss is located in the old factory house by the waterfall Álafoss that was used to drive the mills of the old factory, which for decades were the leading manufacturer and exporter of Icelandic wool products. There you can find a great selection of the popular traditional Icelandic wool sweater ("lopapeysa"), knitting wool yarn and almost any wool product you can think of as well as experience this important side of Iceland's industrial history in the form of the factory building and an exhibit of selection of old knitting machinery and photographs from the early days.


Opening hours

Week days: Saturdays: Sundays:
  09:00-18:00 09:00-16:00 Closed
Also open on request for groups.

Hja Johanna ehf

Strandgötu 36, 460 Tálknafjörður


Höfðatúni 4, 510 Hólmavík

Hús Handanna Icelandic Art & Design Shop

Miðvangur 1-3, 700 Egilsstaðir

The Hús Handanna Shop is to find at the most trafficked crossroads in Eastern Iceland and in the heart of Egilsstadir town.

The shop was established in 2010 and from the first day the main focus has been on representing Icelandic / East-Icelandic goods founded on our culture and our lifestyle.

The Hús Handanna Shop is environmentally friendly and an artistic life-style-shop, offering a wide variety of Icelandic product design, art crafts, clothing design, art creative writing etc.

Our special emphasis is on offering goods that benefit our environment and ourselves. We even have some gourmet specialities from the local community.

At Hús Handanna Shop among other items, you will find shampoo in a travel kit, waxed napkins for the sandwiches, warm stockings - or even a good book.

And of course your own personal souvenir from your travel. 

You are always Welcome!  


Hafnarstræti 9, 400 Ísafjörður

Móðir jörð

Vallanes, 701 Egilsstaðir

The Móðir Jörð products originate from the organic farm of Vallanes, in East Iceland.  Móðir Jörð is recognised for organic Icelandic products made from ingredients which have been grown under natural conditions in the pure and unpolluted climate of Iceland. The restaurant is open from 11 - 19:00 every day during the high season, 20th of June to the 20th of August. Opening outside of the summer months is from 11 - 16:00 every day.

KIDKA Wool factory shop

Höfðabraut 34, 530 Hvammstangi

Our company KIDKA is one of the biggest knitting factories in Iceland and its name stands for beautiful and high-quality wool products, which are fashionable, comfortable and genuine Icelandic.

You can find our products in shops all over Iceland. Our factory is situated in the beautiful Miðfjörður area, in the small town Hvammstangi, halfway between Reykjavík and Akureyri, just 5 min from the main Road 1.

KIDKA sweaters, cardigans, and accessories are knitted by knitting machines. If you stop by in Hvammstangi you are welcome to take a look at our factory and see it yourself.  A visit to the KIDKA Wool factory provides a unique insight into the genuine Icelandic way of knitwear production. We like to show you how your sweater is made.
In our cozy factory shop, you can purchase our KIDKA wool products or buy some hand-knitted wool products for a good price.

We are also in Reykjavík:

KIDKA Wool Factory Shop
Höfðabraut 34, 530 Hvammstangi

LAVA centre

Austurvegur 14, 860 Hvolsvöllur

LAVA "Iceland Volcano & Earthquake Center" reveals the epic forces of nature that shaped our planet and created Iceland only 20 million years ago. LAVA is dedicated to the unique volcanoes and geology of Iceland.

The center features an interactive educational exhibition exploring the art and science of geology and the volcanic systems in Iceland and an educational learning center for geology where staff members educate visitors to make the visit as enjoyable and memorable as possible. The interactive exhibition further displays a collection of artifacts, films, and graphics from various volcano eruptions in the past century.

For opening hours and price, click here 

Verslunarfélag Drangsness ehf

Borgargötu 2, 520 Drangsnes


Reykholt, Bláskógabyggð, 806 Selfoss

Food Experience

In Friðheimar we create a pleasant Food Experience for our guests where lunch is enjoyed among the tomato plants, as the restaurant is located inside the greenhouse. Enjoy the special experience of entering a greenhouse with its fragrant tomato plants – and then sitting down to a feast of the famous and delicious Friðheimar‘s tomato-based cuisine – with tomato plants all around. Some would also like to raise a glass of tomato schnapps! 

Visitors can also buy delicious food souvenirs such as tomato jam, cucumber salsa, and tomato drink. Everything homemade. We recommend booking a table in advance through  

Greenhouse visit and a Horse show or Visit to the stable
We also offer a Greenhouse Visit where guests are informed how Icelanders are able to grow vegetables the whole year round with help from nature! 

A Horse show or Visit to the stable is available where the history and gates of the Icelandic horse are introduced in light and professional way in a nice environment. After the show, our guests are welcome to the stable where they can meet the horses, take pictures and talk to the riders. 

Friðheimar is a farm operated by an Icelandic family who is breeding Icelandic horses and growing vegetables all year round with help from nature. A visit to Friðheimar is in perfect harmony with the Golden Circle route and is great entertainment for all age groups and especially people that are curious about family farm life in Iceland. 

Please notice that the Greenhouse visit and Horse show/Visit to the stable need to be booked in advance via email (

12 tónar

Skólavörðustígur 15, 101 Reykjavík

12 Tónar, established in 1998, is a legendary record store and a label in the heart of Reykjavík. In 2019 we added a bar and a café which is very popular with the locals. We regularly host concerts and events in the store or in our beautiful backyard, where the sun always shines. Welcome!

Sveitabúðin UNA

Austurvegur 4, 860 Hvolsvöllur

Sveitabúðin Una - Shop with handicrafts, gifts and souvenirs, vegetable market & meat straight from the farm!

It's fun to come to Sveitabúðin Una in Hvolsvöllur. We have fun music in the air, beautiful products - Icelandic design and crafts from the region, various gifts and food.

In summer there is a vegetable market with organic Icelandic vegetables and fresh meat straight from the farm.

Do not miss us on your trip around the South.

(Opening hours can be seen on facebook