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Skútustaðir Farm Holidays

Two types of lodgings are offered at Skútusstaðir:

  • Firstly; six rooms are available in a flat with its own entrance at the farmhouse. These are for one, two or three persons and contain all in all 12 beds. Each room contains one, two or three comfortable beds and a table, two chairs, a simple wardrobe and a mirror. Showers and WCs are separate from the bedrooms and guests also have access to a simple, clean kitchen and a bright, cozy living room.
  • Secondly are rooms that are separated from the main building. These are 5 rooms, all of them en-suite for two people with access to a kitchen and a living room in the main building.

The beds offered at Skútustaðir farmhouse are "made up beds" but sleeping bag accommodation is also available although it is generally not available by advance booking during the peak season. A breakfast buffet is included.

The campsite at Skútustaðir farmhouse has been closed.

Mývatnssveit offers a lot of things to do which are based on the beauty, plant and birdlife of the area.

As an example of interesting places to see in Mývatnssveit we would recommend: Skútustaðagígar, Grjótagjá, Stóragjá, Krafla, Hverfjall, Laxá, Vindbelgur, Dimmuborgir, Seljahjallagil, Bjarnarflag, Höfði, Námafjall, Lofthellir, Lúdent og Þrengslaborgir.

The best way to experience the beauty of these places, the presence of nature and the vast variety of birdlife is on foot but there are horse-rentals, bike-rentals and organized bus tours available.

In Mývatnssveit one can also relax in the swimming-pool in Reykjahlíð with its two hot-tubs or in the newly opened Jarðböð which are similar to the blue lagoon.

As for interesting places to visit in the vicinity of Mývatnssveit we would recommend: Herðubreið, Herðubreiðarlindir, Askja and Víti, Kverkfjöll, Dettifoss and the national park Jökulsárgljúfur, Tjörnses and whale-watching at Húsavík.

What is available

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Location Service provider Connectors
Ísorka 2 x 15 kW (Type 2)