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Dalahestar horse rental is a small, family owned business. We offer personalized tours for individuals or smaller groups. Our main tours are alongside the beautiful river Laxá and down to the black sandshores of Hvammfjörður fjord and a beach tour that goes further into the fjord with the possibility of seeing seals as well as the white tailed eagle. 

Please contact for tours and booking information. 

What is available

Tjaldsvæðið í Búðardal

Tjaldsvæðið stendur í miðju Búðardals í fallegum trjálundi. Þjónustuhús með heitu og köldu vatni, eldunaraðstöðu, sturtu og þvottaaðstöðu. Aðgangur er að rafmagni og losun fyrir þurrsalerni. Í nágrenninu er verslun, hraðbanki, veitingasala, kaffihús, íþróttavöllur, sparkvöllur og leikvöllur. 

Það eru Dalahestar sem reka tjaldsvæðið Búðardal.

Búðardalur Camping site

The Búðardalur camping site is located within a beautiful well sheltered grove. When arriving from the south (route 60) you will see the camping on your left. 

The site has many features such as running hot and cold water, showers, a washing room with washer, dryer and a sink, outside sinks, a small common room with cooking plate, a recycling site, wastewater disposal, soccer field and playground. Electrical huck-ups are available on both upper and lower campground. 

Within 250 meters you can find a petrol station, grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop, handy craft store and the Leif Eiriksson Center - coffee shop and Viking exhibition. Dalahestar horse rental is just outside the town. 

We are open all year round.