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Vestmannaeyjar Camping Ground

The area has a service house with cooking  and washing facilities.  Toilets and showers are included in the rates as well as a barbeque by the service house.  There is a playground for the children.  Electricity is available for folding campers and mobile homes.


The Vestman islands is a group of about 15-18 islands where the island Heimaey is the only one that is lived on.  There are daily flights from Reykjavík and a ferry goes from Landeyjarhöfn and it takes about 35 minutes to sail to Heimaey.  The population is about 4.000 people so there are all services needed available. 23rd of january 1973 was a fateful day in the history of Vestman island when a volcanic eruption started.  Almost the whole population was evacuated and did not move back until june that same year.  All the population was unharmed but a lot of housed went under the lava.  For tourists visitin the island it is a must to visit the area where the eruption was but you might still feel some heat in the ground when you dig a little.


What is available