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The Leif Eiriksson Center

The Leif Eiriksson center is an exciting destination for all ages, where stories of the voyages of Erik the Red and his son Leif the Lucky (also called Leifur Eiríksson), discovering parts of Greenland, Canada and the US, are presented in a new exhibition, consisting of works from ten renowned Icelandic visual artists. An audio guide will lead you through the history as you view the magical world of the exhibition. Afterwards you can enjoy a quick bite to eat or some good coffee on the ground floor. 

Open daily from May to October. 

What is available

Vínlandssetrið Leifsbúð

Hjá okkur færðu úrvals kaffi og aðra drykki, bakkelsi bakkað á staðnum, ásamt matarmiklum súpum og öðrum léttum réttum. Notalegt umhverfi við höfnina í Búðardal. 

The Leif Eiriksson center

We bring you great coffee and other beverages, locally baked pastries and the soup of the day in a cosy atmosphere, close to the harbour in Budardalur.