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Skæutaís - Farm Ice Cream

Skútustaðir has an artisanal ice cream shop at their farm called Skútaís. The shop was opened in August 2019 and is open during the summer.

The farm and guesthouse are run by four siblings who took over the company from their parents. They have many animals at the farm, cows, sheep and hens, and produce milk, wool, meat and eggs.

The idea of the ice cream shop came from Auður Filippusdóttir, the girlfriend of one of the farmers when she was studying Food Science at the University of Iceland. She decided to write her master’s thesis about ice cream, the thesis included a business plan, quality control handbook and product development. Auður also took a course in ice cream making at the University of Reading in England.

The ice cream is handmade by Auður and she thinks it’s very important to have the ice cream as fresh as possible, therefore she uses milk from the farm and quality, Italian ingredients. The ice cream shop has only been open for a short time but is already getting known for their tasty, fresh ice cream. Many people have said it’s the best ice cream in the country!

Opening hours this summer:
Every day 12:00-19:00 .

What is available