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Lambhús Cabins

Lambhus Cabins

Enjoy the amazing views of Vatnajökull Glacier in your own private cabin. The cabins have sleeps for up to 4 guests, ideal for couples or families. They are equipped with a kitchenette, a dining area, wifi, and WC/shower. 

Lambhús cabins is a self-catering accommodation. Guests can bring their own food and cook simple meals. They can also visit numerous restaurants in the area which serve fresh, quality, and local food.

Lambhús is a place for nature lovers seeking tranquility and unspoiled nature. Hikers will find a multitude of hiking possibilities at the foot of the glacier. A variety of recreational activities is offered in the vicinity, for instance, glacier tours on snow scooters, boat tours on the glacier lagoon, and a bath in hot tubs with geothermal water in Hoffell.

In the fishing town, Höfn travelers will find restaurants, cafes, a swimming pool, a visitor center with an interesting exhibition on nature and life in the region, and a supermarket.

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