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Kökulist bakery

Freshly baked every day. Gourmet sandwiches and quality baked goods have delight townspeople for decades. In 2015 Jón Rúnar and Elín, the owners of Kökulist superseded the running of Valgeir´s bakery in Reykjanesbær but in that year, the bakery celebrated its 45th year birthday.

Our goal is to blow you away with healthy bread that is all sugar-free, fat-free, and yeast-free, but we have been looking back in time when it comes to baking bread and delicious cakes where we only use top-quality raw material.

It is particularly cozy to sit inside with a cup of coffee and some goodies on the plate or enjoy the nice weather when the sun is out. Kökulist completes the Sunday coffee or as a good bite any day of the week. Drop by and check us out.

What is available