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Isbudinn Akureyri

Although Iceland can be freezing cold sometimes, we take that as no excuse to enjoy ice cream all year round. Ísbúðin Akureyri is an ice cream and coffee shop in the heart of town, in Geislagata. They offer a wide selection of the traditional Icelandic soft ice cream, gelato, slurpee’s and a range of ice cream specials. If you think it’s too cold for an ice cream you can also sit down and enjoy a warm coffee and a refreshment from their selection of coffee drinks, fine pastries,
and other delicious goods.

But their best hidden secret is their newest addition to the menu, freshly made sandwiches
with homemade pesto and their freshly squeezed juice. Ísbúðin Akureyri has an excellent facility with a friendly atmosphere with seating for up to 50 people indoors, or outdoors in a calm and sunny area.

You should definitely consider stopping at Ísbúðin Akureyri, it’s a lovely place where you can truly treat yourself. It is worth noting that they also have an ice cream and sandwich bar at Glerártorg, the shopping center in Akureyri, make sure you grab a creamy ice cream, sandwich or freshly squeezed juice in between shopping.

WE RECOMMEND: You should try the traditional Icelandic ‘Bragðarefur’ at least once while
you are in Iceland but when in Ísbúðin Akureyri, go for the gelato – it is so good! Pick your
favourite flavour and you’ll be longing for it again and again. If you are not having ice cream,
their freshly made sandwiches with their homemade pesto will not disappoint you nor will
their freshly squeezed juice.

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