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Gistiþjónusta Sunnu

Sunna's Guesthouse is comfortable accommodation providing a studio apartment on the ground floor. It has a private entrance and excellent accessibility. Included are a double bed and a crib. Extra matresses can be provided. Cooking facilities include two hotplates, a microwave oven and cutlery. The apartment has a TV and an outdoor gas broiler, plus a shower. We do not provide breakfast.

Drangsnes is a small fishing village on the north shore of Steingrímsfjörður, about 30 km north from Hólmavík. Drangsnes offers a lot to explore; a uniquely beautiful beach with sea-polished pebbles called Malarhorn, a pillar of rock on the beach wich from the name of Drangsnes is drawn, the island of Grímsey where hundreds of thousands of Puffin nest and the top of Mount Bæjarfell (345 m), one hour hike, provides excellent view over Húnaflói and Grímsey as well over Steingrímfjörður and inland towards Bjarnarfjörður.
Guided tours are provided from Drangsnes to Grímsey in the summertime.
In Drangsnes is a swimming pool with a hot tub, a childrens play-pool and a steam-bath.

In the vicinity of Drangsnes are a few museums, The Hólmavík witchcraft museum wich sheds light on witch-hunting in Iceland and in direct connection to that, an old Icelandic sodhouse in Bjarnarfjörður, Kotbýli kuklarans, shows very well how icelanders lived a few hundred years ago. The Sheep Farming Museum in Sævangur portrays the life and ways of the icelandic sheep farmer.

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