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The cabin has sleeping-bag accommodation for 45-50 overnight guests in 6 rooms. Guests have the use of excellent cooking facilities and a spacious and comfortable dining area, two sitting rooms, WC and hot showers. The cabin has electricity for light and heating.

Good facilities for horses in a big stable with a corral. Hay sold for horses.

Gíslaskáli is situated in beautiful surroundings in an untouched area of the lava field Kjalhraun right beside the source of Svartá. Svartá is the biggest spring fed river in the area and slowly grows bigger from small springs along the edge of the lava. It is a beautiful hike along the river to the cabin Árbúðir 20 km to the south.

Due west from Gíslaskáli is Kjallfell, an easy climb that gives excellent views in all directions.

A path leads north through the lava to Beinhóll (Bone hill) where a monument can be found that commemorates the ill-fated expedition of the two brothers from Reynistaður in northern . They died in a terrible snow-storm when they were taking sheep across the highland in November 1780. This story has fascinated Icelanders through the centuries and led to many ghost stories.

A few km to the east is the glacier river Jökulfall. The river runs in a deep canyon and many small waterfalls. A marked walking path can be found along the river.

Hveravellir and Kerlingafjöll hot-spring areas are within easy reach by car.

Gíslaskáli offers first rate facilities for tourists travelling across the highlands. Enjoy Icelandic nature at its best away from the crowds.

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