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Búðardalur Camping Ground

The Budardalur camping site is located within a beautiful grove. When arriving from the south (route 60) you will see the camping site on your left. The Budardalur camping site is a great site for tents since you have the trees sheltering the tent on windy days. The site has many features such as a convenience store, coffee shop, soccer field, playground and a beach volley ball field. A bathing area is located on the ground floor of the Dalabud service house.

Rates 2021
Adults: 1.500 kr., pensioners kr. 1.200,- and free for children 18 years and younger
Electricity: 1.000 kr.
Washing machine: 500 kr., dryer 500 kr.
Cooking facilities: 500 kr.
Shower free of charge for guests

This campsite is operated by Dalahestar horse rental.

What is available