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Sesseljuhús Environmental Center

Sesseljuhús Enviromental Center provides an educational experience focusing on sustainable building and environmental
exhibitions. There are education programs and workshops on environmental issues held for students at all levels. In addition there are forums, meetings and seminars where all are welcome. Environmental presentations are also held all
year round.

In addition, there are excellent facilities for meetings, courses and conferences as well.
For more information about the center and events, visit:
For more information about Sesseljuhús, accommodation or guided tours call:
Phone: 855-6080  

Sólheimar is considered the oldest eco-village in the world.
Sólheimar was established as a children's home 80 years ago, but today
Sólheimar focuses on offering people with special needs varied and creative
employment opportunities, jobs in organic horticulture and forestry in a
close-knit community that focuses on environmental issues and vivid cultural
life. Sólheimar workplaces include six creative art workshops, Nærandi - an
organic bakery and food processing unit, Ölur - organic forestry, Sunna -
organic horticulture, Guesthouse Sesseljuhus, and Græna Kannan - an organic
café. All products are sold in the Vala grocery store and art gallery.

What is available