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Lækjarkot rooms and cottages

Lækjarkot Rooms and Cottages with Kitchen is 6 km north of Borgarnes. We offer farm accommodation. Everyone should be able to find something suitable to them in the vicinity of Lækjarkot. Hiking trails, Hamar golf course is within 3 km. Horse rental is at Ölvaldsstaðir 4, phone: 437 1686 and 893 3886 - Swimming pool is within 6 km.

Accommodation: Have rooms (14) and cottages (11) have total of 100 beds.

Cabins: Two bedrooms and living room with kitchen, shower and toilet.

Rooms: Private entrance, two beds, small kitchen, shower and a toilet.

Art workshop: Ása Ólafsdóttir, artist show by appointment - phone 699 0531 -

Service: Blankets, pillows and towels are provided.

What is available