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Hotel Kriunes - country hotel

Kríunes is a true mansion on the waterbank on a small peninsula into lake Ellidavatn. 

Kríunes is also located in the capital of Reykjavík area. The city Bus goes by not far from here. The facilities are set in a land of unspoiled natural parkland with exceptional mountain view over looking the lake. The area is famous pearl of nature with beautiful grove surrounded with high trees. A small inlet for the lake is at the end of the grove with piers. 

Many types of birds are by the lake and many hatch their eggs on the location. In Kríunes is a restaurant and a breakfast buffet is a standard provision. Home-baking and our own vegetable as well as trout from the lake is provided. 

Kríunes is one of the best kept hideaway secrets in the city area were you will combine the benefits of the city and the contry.

What is available