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Happyworld – Paragliding Iceland

Happyworld is a small family business with a lazer focus on what we do best:


1) In winter we specialise in Northern Lights hunting with telescopic stargazing.

2) In summer we specialise in Tandem Paragliding.

3) Every summer we teach meteorology to our Paragliding students.


This means that all year, all day, all night we chase weather.

We are excellent when it comes to weather. 

Northern Lights spotting is all about the weather.


Our vehicles are two modified Land Rover Defenders: HappyOne and HappyToo. The big wheels make sure we can go wherever the weather dictates. We don't have a walk-in office. We work from the field and our homes. 


Northern Lights tour, Guide to Guest ratio: 1/7

Paragliding Tandem flight, Guide to Guest ratio: 1/1

What is available